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Vinnie’s Takeaway has been a family-run business located on 17 Upper Dominick Street in Galway City for the past 19 years. However, in 2022 we decided to extend the industry and moved to 25 Munster Avenue. Now we also added one of the best pizzas made with fresh dough.

Vinnie’s is one of the best-known chippers in the area, loved by locals and tourists alike.

We aim to provide you with fantastic food with excellent service served at low prices. We are very Famous for our fresh chips, pizza and fish that people never seems to forget. Each day you are guaranteed the freshest of chips, as our potatoes are peeled and cut on the premises. Our 20+ years stand up.
This place is a must for anyone in Galway City, whether staying or passing through.
No doubt, once you come to Vinnie’s, you will be coming back for more. Simply Brilliant!

We also offer delivery services too.


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Our Quality


Quality is our #1 ingredient. That’s why our Southern Fried Chicken is made from chickens raised without antibiotics and fed an all vegetable-grain diet, with no animal by-products

Our Quaity


We offer the best burgers, made from 100oz Irish flesh beef, or fresh chicken fillet.

Our Quaity

Homemade Pizza Dough

We’ve learned from the best Italian chefs, so our dough is homemade, always fresh and has a fantastic taste.

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